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All skin types | fragrance free | 74 ml

Objective: Invest wisely. Face it, it's your future.

Strategy: Sugarcane, sugar maple, orange and lemon extracts (natural AHAs) help erase and prevent wrinkles. Wheat protein smooths and tightens. Panthenol retains moisture.

Unique lightweight, non-greasy formula absorbs quickly. Good for all skin types, especially normal to dry.

Apply to clean, toned face. Reapply as needed. Use daily, AM and PM.


"Excellent product, really thoughtful formula. Fresh New skin is promoted."

"This is a great moisturizing product to use in the morning and night. It blends nicely leaving a slightly firm, tight feeling to your face and a matte/non-shiny appearance. There’s also a very pleasant citrus scent."

"Hands down best moisturizer! Keeps my face looking nourished and healthy at the same time. Highly recommended."

"This moisturizer soaks in right way, and has a light citrus-y smell, which is great in my opinion."