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All Skin Types | Fragrance Free | 237 ml

Objective: Remove Irrelevant skin cells, helps free your ingrown hairs

Strategy: Our face scrub gently yet effectively exfoliates skin, removes grime, and helps get rid of ingrown hairs for a clean, even finish

Bora Bora White Sand - Removes dead skin cells

Aloe Vera, Algae and Chamomile - Soothes and refreshes skin

Vitamin C - Provides antioxidant protection

Use 2-3 times per week


"Since I started to use this facial scrub, almost two weeks ago, I have actually been getting compliments from my friends saying how good my skin has looked! It smells amazing, works well, and leaves my face feeling cleaned and renewed."

"this stuff smells amazing! love it."

"Exfoliates beautifully. Cleans skin. Smells great. Has methyl-paraben. Some Anthony products are paraben free, some are not. Don’t understand. Customer for 15 years."

"This is a great facial scrub to use a couple times a week before shaving. A small amount will scrub thoroughly without leaving my face feeling rough. The scent is great as well and the bottle will last for many uses."