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59 ml | 2 fl oz | All skin types | Paraben free

Objective: Only you can prevent facial fires.

Strategy: Pre-Shave Oil by Anthony™ protects skin prior to shaving, softening and lifting beard hair and preventing the formation of ingrown hairs. It’s formulated to layer under a shave cream or shave gel and won’t clog pores. It even rinses clean off your blade.

How to use: Massage a small amount of oil into the skin. Follow with a shave cream or gel.


"used under shave gel this makes your shave SO much easier…. completely free of irritation now!"

"This does everything you would hope for your skin and then some! Hydrates your face and definitely helps the razor slide right along when you shave!"

"This is a wonderful pre-shave product. It’s not too thick or sticky like other products. A small amount will coat the hair well and has a nice, subtle scent."