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226 g | 8oz | Fragrance Free

Objective: Enjoy Shaving.

Strategy: Anthony™ Shave Gel is formulated for sensitive skin, with all natural ingredients that hydrate and protect while providing an easy glide. The non-detergent formula doesn’t foam or irritate skin, while the aloe beads break on contact with the razor to release a burst of hydration.

How to use: Apply an even thin layer onto wet face with your hand. Shave an rinse off.


"Great stuff – used to get razor bumps really bad on my neck. Been using this product for 6 months and no bumps"

"I prefer the shave cream but this is a great gel with a nice scent."

"I, like many guys, have rather sensitive skin when it comes to shaving. This shaving gel helps me achieve a really close shave with no irritation effects afterwards. Nice scent too. I’ll continue using."