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6 oz | 177ml | All Skin Types | Paraben Free

Objective: The Best. Shave. Ever. Period.

Strategy: The Shave Cream has a rich, dense, whipped formula that spreads easily over the skin, doing the hard work for you and softening your beard hair to give you the best shave ever. Its benzocaine-free formula prevents skin numbness so you can’t over-shave and it cools on contact. It’ll also be your blade’s best friend because it doesn’t clog.

How to use: Apply an even, thin layer onto wet face with your hand. When using a brush, apply a small amount to the tip of the brush, wet and apply to the skin in a circular motion to lift facial hair. Shave and rinse off.


"This shave cream combined with the oil works awesome for me. I will never be able to go back to other companies. It gives me a smooth and close shave and you really don’t have to use that much of it. This product will be used by me for a long time and I suggest it to anybody."

"This is hands down the best shaving cream you can get! There’s no question. Way different than what you see at drugstores, just try it and you’ll never go back."

"A great lather-rich shave cream! This cream lathers up a lot for a nice, close shave. A great subtle, minty scent too that I prefer to other products that lather well.'