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Objective: Built upon the same expert blade technology as our system razors, our range of disposable razors offer a shave that’s refreshing, convenient and economical. Discover a single stroke shaving solution with this pack of three PACE3 disposable razors.

Strategy: 3 Blade Shaving Technology: The triple-blade system, makes closer contact over facial contours for less skin irritation

Front-Hinged Swing System: The pivoting head glides easily and smoothly along your facial contours.

Lubricating Strip with Olive: A lubricating strip to protect especially Sensitive skin against friction and irritation.

Open Architecture of Cartridge: The conveniently designed open architecture on the back of the blade cartridge makes rinsing the blades quick and easy.

Ergonomically Designed Grip: Soft, ergonomically designed grip with a non-slip rubber pad allows for optimal control and provides superior performance, even when wet.