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Objective: Built upon the same expert blade technology as our system razors, our range of disposable razors offer a shave that’s refreshing, convenient and economical.

Strategy: Discover a single stroke shaving solution with this pack of three PACE4 disposable razors. Our 4-blade shaving technology will provide you with a close and soothing shave thanks to the high quality blades, Chamomile-infused moisturising strip and pivoting head. A practical rubber handle complete the functional design.

Pack of three PACE4 disposable razors

• 4-blade shaving technology

• Built-in rubber fin to prep hair

• Pivoting head for flexibility

• Open blade architecture for ultimate “rinse-ability”

• Dermatologically tested moisturising strip with Chamomile

• Practical rubber handle

• Head safety cap included

• Classic design in black and white