10 Grooming Tips Every Dapper Gentleman Should Know Grooming | Mar 15, 2016

1. Don’t Go Skint on Skincare

You’d be hard pressed to find a woman who doesn’t dedicate a little elbow grease to washing her face at night. The same should go for the fellas. According to science, on average men sweat four times more than women a day. Daily grit and grime clogs pores and leaves you breakout prone and shiny.

TRY Nickel Cleansing Gel for a super clean face. This scrubbing gel helps to reduce impurities, dead cells and smoothes your complexion.

2. Start Your Morning With a Swirl and Spit

If you haven’t already, introduce a little mouthwash into your daily grooming routine, preferably after your morning coffee. You'll find it to be your new best friend.

3. Double-Douse, Nothing More

There are few things worse than trying to hold a conversation with someone who’s gone a little spritz-happy and overdone the cologne. Most of us are immune to our own scent after an hour or so, so while you may think it’s worn off, a spray of the good stuff on the cuffs should last you all day.

4. Just Because You Skipped a Workout, Does Not Mean You’re Not Perspiring

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it deserves an honorable mention. A great deodorant is not optional. Men have incredibly active sweat glands, regardless of the climate or activity. So, while you’re subconsciously getting your daily sweat on, armor up with a deodorant that’s anything but the pits. We recommend Nivea Men Invisible for Black and White roll on deodorant is especially formulated to leave no trace or dusty residue on your clothes.

5. Well-Styled Hair Will Seal The Deal, Guaranteed

These days, real men get blow-dried. While even smarter men own a double-duty brush and hot roller tool. If you’ve been blessed with a full head of hair, try making the most of it while you can. Mid-length styles and thicker, wavier hair looks great with a bit of styling and texturizing. 

6. He Who Knows Nose Hairs Knows Best

Pesky nose hairs a never-ending battle? Plucking those suckers is not only painful, it’s a surefire way to ensure they grow back twice as quick. Invest in the right gadgetry; a proper Nose & Ear Trimmer will have you out the door in no time. 

7. Lip Balm Isn’t Just For the Ladies (Honestly)

If you can look past the fruity flavors lip balm is famed for, you’ll be grateful come winter. A basic, fragrance free balm is a pocket friendly and over-the-counter alternative to dry, chapped lips. 

8. A Sturdy Handshake is a Man’s Best Signature

Nobody likes a clammy shake and nobody likes a dry one either. Keep your mitts hydrated during change of season with a light and natural hand cream.

9. It Might be Winter, But Don’t Neglect Your Feet

Most men are repeat offenders when it comes to maintaining their feet throughout the cooler months. Winter boots, workouts and the general chill in the air, can wreak havoc on your feet. Show them a little love with an all-weather foot cream.

10. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise. No excuses

Our skin is most dehydrated after a hot shower, so be sure to moisturize top to toe.

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