De-Slick Your Skin – Tips For Shaving With Oily Skin Shaving | May 12, 2016


Chances are you’ve soaped up, scrubbed down and splashed on aftershave until you were blue (or red) in the face, only to have your skin retaliate with a fresh new oil slick. All of that over-washing and drying is signaling your skin to put up its defenses (i.e. to produce more oil). The more you wash and scrub, the more your skin feels itself drying out, so it tries to help by over-producing sebum. How are you supposed to get a clean shave when your face just won’t cooperate? 

First of all, you need to relax. Years from now, you’ll be showing fewer signs of aging than your dry-skinned cronies so that oil scourge is actually helping you. That’s not to say that you have to walk around with a blinding shine across your forehead. You just need to change your approach: don’t attack – assist.


Start your skincare routine with a gentle, alcohol-free wash like ANTHONY GLYCOLIC FACIAL CLEANSER to remove excess dirt. Stick to warm, not hot, water, as higher temperatures will dry out your skin and lead it to produce more oil–a lot more oil.

Next, choose the right product. Believe it or not, shaving oil or a cream that contains essential oils will work best with your oily skin, as it won’t fight your natural complexion. Many widely-available gels and foams are alcohol based and will strip your skin, so avoid them at all costs. Try E-Shave Verbena Lime Pre-SHave Oil to prime and soften the hair then E-Shave Cucumber Shave Cream for a soft gentle later.

Then comes the main event: a clean shave.  Always make sure your razor is clean and sharp, and always shave with the grain on the first pass.

To wrap it up, calm your skin by rinsing it with cold water, and finish off with an aftershave soother like E-SHave After-shave Soother Which is a simple moisturising lotion to sooth the skin.

Pro Tip: Always remember: embrace your OWN skin type and stick to light, gentle, non-irritant products.