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Are You Applying Your Grooming Products Wrong? Nov 1, 2017

Congratulations. You’ve made the leap to high performance skincare, which means you take looking good seriously. But if you over-scrub your face or apply serums after your moisturizer, you’re not getting the best possible results from your grooming products. The way you apply them is just as important as what’s inside. It’s like refinishing your floors: you wouldn’t put the sealant on before the stain, right? Here’s your grooming primer, step by step.

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Shave your way out of a double-chin May 29, 2017

The neck.

It’s one of those tricky areas that even daily shavers have yet to master. A properly maintained neckline can take your chiseled jaw-line to new heights or further define your jaw to get you out of the At-Risk-Chin Club. The skin on your neck is sensitive; it has lines and curves that don’t exist anywhere else on your body. It’s the protector of your Adam’s apple, the home of some vital pipes and tubes and stuff.

We have gathered some tips on how to clean up a neck beard. Treat it well and follow these careful steps on how to properly shave that deceptively difficult neckline.

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Razorpit - The original and award winning razor blade sharpener Dec 2, 2016

Watch Video to see just how awesome the original razor blade sharpener is.

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Keep your friends close and your shaves closer with a razor subscription

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Save time and Money with a razor subscripion Sep 30, 2016

"I like shaving with a dull razor" said No one, ever. 

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Transform your daily shave into a pleasurable experience in just 5 easy steps with e-shave products...

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De-Slick Your Skin – Tips For Shaving With Oily Skin May 12, 2016

The nicks, the cuts, the irritation: the daily woes of an oily-skinned shaver. Of course, on the opposite end of the spectrum, men with dry skin often feel their faces become tighter than a tourist’s Speedo after shaving. It’s all about understanding your skin type, and you, my friend, have oily skin that makes you look shinier than your girlfriend’s lip-gloss. Not to worry... here's some tips.

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Start your day with Dorco (watch) Apr 26, 2016

Start your day right and make a world of difference..

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Shaving is Art - Dorco Razors Mar 11, 2016

A great artist always chooses the correct tools for every situation, shaving is an art ... Razors by Dorco are the only tools for the perfect shave

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Get the Closest Shave Ever Mar 1, 2016

A lot of us guys are seeking the perfect shave. Well, look no further. With these men’s shaving tips, you’ll be on your way to a perfect shave without the worry of ingrown hairs and other men’s shaving issues. Use these quick men’s shaving tips to make the most of each shave.


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