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Are You Applying Your Grooming Products Wrong? Nov 1, 2017

Congratulations. You’ve made the leap to high performance skincare, which means you take looking good seriously. But if you over-scrub your face or apply serums after your moisturizer, you’re not getting the best possible results from your grooming products. The way you apply them is just as important as what’s inside. It’s like refinishing your floors: you wouldn’t put the sealant on before the stain, right? Here’s your grooming primer, step by step.

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What is Glycolic and Why Do I Want Acid on My Face? Oct 25, 2017

You see a lot of language on skin care packaging that sounds important but you’re unsure of what it means. Things like Vitamin C and Aloe are straightforward enough. But when the word “acid” figures into it, we can’t blame you for taking a pause.

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Know Your Skin Type and How To Treat It Jun 12, 2017

Knowing your own skin type is critical to ensuring you are using the most appropriate Face Wash, Moisturiser or Scrub

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Shave your way out of a double-chin May 29, 2017

The neck.

It’s one of those tricky areas that even daily shavers have yet to master. A properly maintained neckline can take your chiseled jaw-line to new heights or further define your jaw to get you out of the At-Risk-Chin Club. The skin on your neck is sensitive; it has lines and curves that don’t exist anywhere else on your body. It’s the protector of your Adam’s apple, the home of some vital pipes and tubes and stuff.

We have gathered some tips on how to clean up a neck beard. Treat it well and follow these careful steps on how to properly shave that deceptively difficult neckline.

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